How It Works

An advanced therapy that works with the body to accelerate natural healing processes.

Accelerating the natural healing processes

performance and rehabilitation

Acuscope assists the body in healing itself by improving the circulation of blood and oxygen in the involved area and normalizing the electrical current in the nerves and muscles of damaged tissue. The body is made up of a vast number of cells and all cells have an electrical charge. In many ways these cells act like tiny batteries storing and releasing energy, doing their work of taking in nutrients, releasing waste products, repairing and reproducing themselves, etc. Energy flows constantly between all cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. When damage or trauma occurs to living tissue, there is a disruption in the electrical capacity of the involved cells and after an initial surge, there results a measurable decrease in the production and flow of energy through the electrical network of the involved tissues.

Swelling and inflammation are translated into high numbers on an LED display along with corresponding high-pitched tones. The Acuscope readings tell the therapist where the problem is most severe, and it can pinpoint precise areas of excessive heat and fluid in acutely damaged sites. It can also identify tissue which has become chronic, i.e. an area of deficiency in an energy-depleted state. Low numbers and tones reflect tissue which is unable to complete the healing process and incapable of returning to a normal, healthy condition without assistance. In addition, the Acuscope can help locate problem areas in other parts of the body which have become sore or painful as a result of compensating for the original cause.

A powerful therapy able to optimize performance and rehabilitate injuries.

Acuscope therapy is a modality applied to improve soft tissue function, to assist with nerve regeneration, to increase range of motion, and to relieve pain. The Acuscope differs from other electrical stimulation devices in that it delivers its’ treatments in micro-amps. Most nerve stimulations devices (TENS) produce milli-amperage current designed to bombard the tissue and simply block pain signals from reaching the brain. The Acuscope, in contrast, generates only the level of current required to gently encourage nerve and muscle fiber to return to conduction of normal electrical impulses. Also in contrast, ordinary TENS devices provide only temporary relief, whereas a series of Acuscope treatments have a cumulative, long-term healing effect.

Another unique feature, which sets the Acuscope apart from other electrical stimulation devices, is the micro-chip circuitry that is designed to scan and monitor the tissue. Other electrical stimulation units gather no feedback and produce only a simple fixed output according to preset specifications. The Acuscope reads neurological impedance (resistance) in the circuit created through the tissue placed between the two probes or electrodes. Based on the information it gathers, the unit is programmed to calculate appropriate corrective waveforms. Acuscopes used on horses are specially calibrated to take into account their higher metabolic rates than those found in humans. Computerized circuitry picks up abnormalities in the nerve fiber impulses (input) and modifies its infinitely variable square wave signal (output) appropriately. Its self-correcting mechanisms continually adjust the current until normal patterns are being conducted without resistance through the tissue between the probes. The readings then tell the therapists when an area has been successfully treated and the probes can be moved to another location. This feedback modulated procedure eliminates the possibility of over-treatment or harm to the cells.

Results are usually noticeable immediately, with continued improvement over the following few days. Within a week, most conditions will have progressed dramatically. Chronic conditions may take several treatments before initial results are observed, yet Acuscope treatments are known to resolve serious conditions which would otherwise never improve. Enhanced alertness, calmness, definite gait changes, coordination, and balance are typically some of the immediate results along with reduction of pain, swelling, and relief from muscle tightness. It has been consistently observed that the animal becomes extremely relaxed from this non-invasive procedure. Horses are often observed relaxing through a treatment by lowering their head, giving a deep sigh of relief, bending a rear leg, licking and chewing, and yawning.