Treatment Programs

Just as professional human athletes require maintenance in order to perform at their optimal level, so do equine athletes.

Treatment Programs

All horses are started with an Initial Treatment Series of three treatments completed within a 3-day period. This is to ensure a proper introduction to the therapy system, as well as create a strong base for long-term results.  A full evaluation is included with the initial three treatments. This uses the evaluation capabilities of the biofeedback system to determine abnormalities of the body and prioritize treatment areas. After the initial treatments are completed a follow-up program is suggested depending on the needs of the individual horse.

Treatment Programs: 

Performance Optimization. Just as professional human athletes require maintenance in order to perform at the optimal level, so do equine athletes. This program seeks to decrease the risk of injury and optimize performance by keeping the body balanced and soft tissues functioning optimally to encourage an unimpeded range of motion. This is most useful for equine athletes with physically demanding careers and is often coupled with the competition package. Intensity of the program depends on your goals and level of competition.

General Maintenance. This popular treatment plan is designed for horses who have previous injuries or chronic conditions. This program focuses on pain management, reducing inflammation and greatly slowing down the progression of chronic conditions. The program also decreases the likelihood of compensatory issues often resulting from older injuries.  

Preventative Maintenance: This is for horses in light work with no known history of injuries or chronic conditions. The goals of this plan are to encourage the body to be as healthy as possible by increasing circulation, promoting balance and improving nerve function throughout the body. 

Full Rehabilitation. This vigorous treatment program compliments traditional veterinary procedures, assisting with pain management and accelerating recovery (with 50-80% less down time) for horses who currently have an injury or serious chronic condition. This is most popular for open wounds, freshly injured soft tissue, and serious bouts of laminitis or navicular disease, among many other urgent conditions. Length of the program is guided by your Veterinarians prognosis for recovery and veterinary authorization prior to treatment is required.


Initial Treatment Series: 3 treatments and a full body evaluation- $300

Single Treatment: Treatment session focusing on 1-2 areas of the body for performance, general or preventative maintenance – $75

Full Rehabilitation: Treatment plans are dependent on your Veterinarian’s recommendations and your horse’s needs- $ Varies


Multi-Horse Special: Single treatments are reduced to $70 each when 2 or more horses are scheduled for consecutive treatments at the same barn on the same day

Competition Special: A reduced rate of $130 for a package of two full body general treatments when scheduled as prep and recovery for a specific event. A pre-event treatment aimed to optimize performance by increasing circulation and encouraging proper central nervous system function and a post-event treatment to reduce the muscle stiffness and soreness often associated with high exertion and to accelerate the natural recovery rate. *must have completed initial treatment series

Haul-In Special: In most cases there is an option to haul to my home in South Prairie, WA for treatments at a discounted rate. When hauled in to me the Initial Treatment Series cost is reduced to $265 and the Single Treatment Sessions are reduced to $65 each.

A powerful therapy able to optimize performance and rehabilitate injuries.